Make a Statement with These Bespoke Wedding Ties

bespoke wedding ties

Figuring out which tie to wear to a wedding ceremony is always daunting. The time, the venue, and the suit you choose to wear will have to influence your decision. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure—bespoke wedding ties are necessary.

Though the bride usually gets most of the attention, how you present yourself on the big day can have just as much of an impact. Bespoke wedding ties could be your greatest friend in helping you design an outfit that stands out from the crowd.

Guests usually wear silk and polyester custom ties as they have a professional shine and elegant appearance. However, marriage ceremonies have become more diverse. The tradition of wearing wedding ties has also become more open.

You may use cotton textiles and linens to make a modern statement. Ultimately, your choice should align with the theme and setting of the wedding.

In this article, we will discuss making a statement with bespoke wedding ties and a few points to consider as you do.

White Bespoke Ties

In a white-tie event, you must dress more formally and elegantly than usual. It allows you to create a sophisticated ensemble for the wedding. Let us take you through different ways you may dress up in a white tie to look your absolute best.

Remember that enjoying what you wear and ensuring your comfort is essential in presenting yourself well.

Choose a style that complements the wedding atmosphere while conveying your personality. This style is perfect for daytime wedding celebrations, especially in the summer and spring. It would look great with a black shirt and a dashing white dapper if you wore a white tie.

Black Bespoke Ties

Opting for a black-and-white aesthetic will never steer you in the wrong direction. The thing with this is that it will make you appear to be simply another guest at the wedding. So how can you be different from others?

You may choose a black hex tie, suit, or dapper with a subtle solid and pattern.

Chic and classy wedding attire elevates the black-and-white look in various ways. Well-crafted black bespoke wedding ties are an excellent choice for achieving this style.

The beauty of this ensemble is its utility for both daytime and evening weddings. It’s a timeless look that transcends seasons.

Solid or Patterned Bespoke Ties

Single-colored ties are the most common choice for men at weddings. They are easy to coordinate with bridesmaid dresses and the overall color scheme.

Checkered and floral bespoke wedding ties are a common choice for weddings as they are typically simple to match. They are elegant and versatile. Keep an eye out for paisley or striped patterns with no more than three different colors. The key is to find a design that includes at least one color matching or coordinating with the wedding colors.

For example, if the event has a dusty azure theme, consider a floral tie with hints of dusty azure in the pattern. It’s okay to include additional colors not in the chosen color scheme.

Corresponding To or Coordinating With

Aim to create a harmonious and cohesive look by choosing to correspond bespoke wedding ties to other elements of the wedding. This approach involves selecting one that directly matches or complements the colors and themes present in your wedding.

It is especially effective when the groom’s tie matches the bridesmaids’ dresses or complements the floral arrangements. Beyond colors, you can also correspond bespoke wedding ties to the overall theme or style of your wedding. 

Coordinating bespoke wedding ties with other elements allows for more flexibility and creativity. This approach focuses on finding complementary or contrasting tones that enhance the overall aesthetic.

It offers an opportunity to infuse your style into the ensemble. Coordinating with other accessories is another way to create a cohesive and coordinated look. Such could be custom lapels, pocket squares, boutonnieres, or even the bride’s bouquet.

The Power of Bespoke Wedding Ties in Making a Statement

Coming up with a wedding look should not be much of a hassle. Lucky for you, we can make customized ties to your exact liking. Custom Ties Australia offers tailor-made ties in varying widths, weaves, colors, and tie designs. Let us know your preferences, and we’ll handle the rest!