Custom Tie Details

Stand out from the crowd and make a great impression with a bespoke custom made tie. Create ties that speak of your brand, organization, occasion, or personality. There is just no limit to what you can do!

Woven or Printed?

Our custom woven ties are carefully handrcafted from the finest silk or polyester. The design is directly woven into the fabric through the interweaving of pre-dyed yarns. Custom made woven ties have that classic texture and are a bit heavier, giving you an impression of luxury.

Printed ties, on the other hand, gives you complete freedom and flexibility in patterns and design. Custom printed ties also allows you to achieve a very close colour match, if your brand has a distinct pantone colour. Because printed ties are not restrictive design-wise, tones, tints, and shading in random designs are all possible!

Classic or Skinny?

A classic custom tie is 3.5 inches (90mm) wide. This is your no-brainer choice for just about any occasion.

Skinny ties are about 2.3 inch (60mm) wide. This is a trendier and more fashion forward choice.

However, it is all about proportions. When choosing between classic or skinny ties, always take into consideration your build as well as your lapel width. As a general rule of thumb, the widest point of your tie should match the widest point of your suit/jacket/shirt lapels.

Polyester or Silk?

Custom polyester ties are the more practical choice as they are cheaper than the silk ones. However, they are very easy to use and require little care as they are completely wrinkle and stain resistant.

Silk ties, on the other hand, are the more superior option. They are light, soft, breathable, and drape naturally down the chest.

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