How to Match Your Customized Tie with your Suit

custom tie

Heading to a formal event? Applying for your dream job or attending a wedding? Then a suit and a customized tie are a “must-have” for you.

With the right customized tie for your suit, exude your masculinity and personality for any event. Read further to discover all the steps to do this. 


What is a customized tie?

Like any necktie, a customized tie is something you wear around a collar to make an outfit more formal or stylish. However, custom ties prove to be far superior. Why?

That’s because custom ties are tailored for the best fit and style. They’re more personal. They’re more fashionable. 


Matching Your Customized Tie to Your Suit

A perfect customized tie will not only enhance your appearance but also boost your confidence and fashion sense.

Getting a custom tie can be confusing at first because there are endless possibilities to design them. There are endless possibilities for colours, patterns, and styles. But if you follow the tips we’ve outlined below, you’ll get a hang of it.


Look at your suit’s colour

Your suit’s colour is one of the tell-tale for deciding the design of your customized tie.

If your suit is using earth colours such as brown or neutral colours

You can go for a tie with brighter and more vivid colours. These colours will contrast with the suit and create a different feel. For example, if you’re wearing a black suit, consider going for the red or blue customized tie to make it pop. 

If your suit is using bright and warm colours

You can customise your tie to have darker and more muted colours. These colours will contrast with the suit’s bright tones and create an elegant feel to your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a green or yellow suit, consider going for navy or black custom ties so they blend in well. 


Your customized tie should be a shade lighter than the suit’s

Another option for you is to choose a shade lighter than your suit for your customized tie. Doing this provides a great contrast with the suit. This is perfect for when you are wearing lighter suits, or if your outfit has more than one colour in it.

Are you wearing an all-white suit?

If you’re wearing an all-white suit, customize your tie to be white. A cream-coloured tie is great as well.

Are you wearing an all-black suit?

For an all-black suit, the best-customized tie is either black or dark grey.


Look at the pattern of your suit

The pattern of your suit can also determine the design of your customized tie.

Classic Pinstripe Suit

When you’re using a classic pinstripe suit, you want to choose a tie with stripes that are about the same width. You also want them to be in colours close together on the colour spectrum so they blend well. A striped pattern is not always necessary though for this look; if your pinstripe suit has more than one colour then go ahead and use solids. 

Chalk Stripe Suit

For a chalk stripe suit, use customized ties with colours that are similar to the suit. If you want a different colour, choose complementary colours like navy for blue and yellow-gold for dark brown.

The most important thing is that both should have something in common so they are not competing with each other for attention. As for the pattern, the bolder the pattern on the tie, the more subtle it should be in your suit. 

A windowpane suit

The tie should be more tonal than the suit with a pattern that is large enough to create contrast but not too bold or busy so it doesn’t compete with the patterns on your lapel. 

Prince of Wales Check Suit

It’s important to have a subtle print and pattern for your customized tie Include tonal elements to coordinate but not compete for attention with your suit. You don’t want your tie to be the focal point of the outfit, so subtle prints and patterns are preferred for a classic look that will never go out of style. 


Want to add more personality?

A striped or patterned tie is a great way to spruce up your suit. When the striped or patterned tie matches the pattern, it’s even better! 


Need a customized tie for formal occasions?

A grenadine customized tie for any formal events. And the fun part is, they can match just about any suit.


Need an even fancier look?

A customized bow tie is best paired with a tuxedo or any other formal clothes. They’re fancier because of the bow, which is tied in a knot. 


Experiment with different tie knots

The four-in-hand knot is perfect for suits that are closely matched in colour. The schoolboy knot is a little more formal and goes well with lighter suits, while the Eldredge knot is perfect for darker outfits.


Think about what you’re wearing

Match your tie’s fabric to that of your suit when possible (e.g., wool ties go best with wool or cashmere fabrics). It’s weird to wear a silk tie with a wool suit.


Match your customized tie with a small detail on your suit

Some of the details in your suit are the pocket or lapel pin. Match them with similar colours on your tie.


Avoid wearing ties that are too small.

One of the perks of getting a customized tie is its perfect size. Getting one that’s too small for your suit or your size defeats the purpose. It can make you appear smaller and less powerful. So ensure to get the right size


Need a customized tie to complement your suit?

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