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Which is Better For Your Custom Made Tie: Polyester or Silk?


It is important to choose the right material for your custom made tie. Ties are important pieces of accessories that complete a whole formal ensemble. They are used for corporate wear, formal events, special theme parties, and other formal occasions. If you’re thinking about getting custom made ties, choosing the right fabric should be step you need to consider. In this post, we differentiate the two common materials for ties – polyester and silk.

Polyester Ties

Polyester is thicker, heavier, and is wrinkle resistant. This fabric is more preferred by many when it comes to everyday wear – to school, the office, formal gatherings, forums, etc. It is also worth noting that polyester is a lot cheaper than silk. This may be one of the factors why it is more popular for bulk productions. Another is its wrinkle resistant ability. People need not to worry if their ties need a little attention every now and then, since they drape down nicely over your chest and do not crumple. Polyester ties are easy to wash and dry, and can endure countless washing, knotting, and unknotting making it very versatile and long-lasting.

Silk Ties

Silk is a shiny glossy fabric that is lightweight and breathable, almost luxurious. It is smooth to touch as it very soft. The colors of silk ties also stand out more as they easily reflect light making them look vivid and shiny. Silk is usually used for special occasions such as weddings, theme parties, and other formal dressier events. Because of its luxurious state, silk is much more expensive than polyester. Also, it requires more care. It should only be hand washed as its fabric is quite delicate. However, the classiness and elegance of the silk is worth to have in your closet, as some would say.

Custom Made Ties from CorporateTie

If you need custom made ties for your staff, team, groomsmen, or for any occasion, you have just stumbled on the right place. We provide custom ties either silk or polyester. Just simply send us your logo and other requirements and quickly get artwork ideas for your ties. Start by contacting us now.

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