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3 Colors For Your Custom Ties Australia This Winter

custom made ties

As we are now in the middle of winter season, it’s time to reevaluate the best colors for your custom ties Australia to keep looking fashionable even in the cold. The right colors will help you stay and look in high spirits and look best in the cold seasons. These three colors will liven up your winter wardrobe! You can also combine these colors with other shades, patterns, and textures. Personalize your outfit and bring out the look that best suits you.



custom made ties

Navy blue is a classic color seen a lot in the corporate environment. Whether it is for your custom corporate ties, your warm winter suit, or any piece of clothing you wear to work, every man should invest in clothing pieces that come in this powerful color. This cold shade can be complemented by practically all the other colors on this list, besides a whole lot of other shades you want to pair it with. 



custom made ties

This deep and rich dark shade is also common during autumn season, and continues to be popular in winter. It has several different tones, with purple and brown undertones. But the darker shades are best during the cold season. Burgundy is often used to boost color in a neutral look, hence wearing your custom ties Australia in this shade will accomplish exactly that. 



custom made ties

A touch of olive green in your business attire is a sure way to complete your outfit. Even more so when it’s cold out. An olive green custom tie is an unconventional addition to a corporate outfit, but will bring a rustic look to your attire. This shade, however, can be tricky to pair with other colors. So wear it with other dark shades as much as possible.


Not only do we have a wide array of high quality custom ties, but we can also personalise custom ties Australia just for you. For corporate/company use, you may send us a custom tie logo or even order your custom ties in bulk. Leave us a message now!