How To Take Care of Your Customised Ties

custom made ties

Customised ties let you show a bit of your personality while wearing your everyday suit-and-tie look for work. They allow for a pop of color or some fun patterns to add to your usual corporate attire. Ties, for most of the time, are worn during special occasions or important situations such as weddings and company meetings. And in those events, one would always want to put their best foot forward and look as respectable and elegant as possible. To do that, every piece of your outfit must be in mint condition – including your tie. Here are three things to remember to keep your ties in top shape and be able to wear them for a long time:



You know how the angry guys in the movies snatch off their neckties after a long, hard day at work? It’s true that not everything you see in movies should be taken seriously, including how to take off your tie. High quality custom ties are durable but still need proper care. Avoid yanking your tie out of the way and remove it with care. Do not leave the knots in your ties when not in use to avoid permanent creases.



Everyone agrees that the best way to store your custom ties is by hanging them. Getting your own tie rack or simply using regular hangers will guarantee that your ties do not get wrinkly. And they remain undamaged in the long term. Avoid folding, but you may try rolling them once in a while when there’s no way to hang them or when traveling. You may get yourself a travel tie case specifically made for this purpose. You can also try a life hack that takes up less room in your travel bag. And this is by placing your rolled-up neckties in packed shoes. 



The only time you should not wash a piece of clothing regularly after wearing it is when you are cleaning your customised ties. The fabric in ties tend to be delicate and need extra care when handled, so cleaning them should be done only when necessary. Certain neckties can be machine washed but when getting stuck with a stain that doesn’t seem to come off easily, take your tie to the dry cleaners. Some types such as your custom silk ties can only be washed this way. Lastly, do not iron ties as a way to avoid wrinkles. 


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