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custom made tie

Getting custom ties allows you to decide the exact design, style, and material. The freedom to get creative using your own ideas makes your custom bespoke tie a worthwhile investment. A common question encountered by custom tie manufacturers is whether to go for woven or printed ties. This article will answer this frequently asked question in detail. And help you figure out which type of tie suits you and your needs best.




Woven ties go through a delicate process to achieve the traditional textured look that speaks luxury, uniformity, and durability. They are considered luxurious. This is because they often cost more compared with printed ties. Using quality silk and polyester for the weaving process creates uniformed patterns. The outcome is much durable results. Also, due to recent techniques in tie production, designs for custom woven ties are less limited. Most designs you can picture out for your custom made tie can be handcrafted into perfection. This is if created with an experienced custom tie maker.


If you plan to customize your corporate ties, this is your answer. Or if you simply want a traditional addition to your formal wear. Definitely, woven ties might be the best choice for you. 




The modern printing process lets you have total control over what designs go into your custom made tie. Special dyes made especially for custom ties come in all sorts of shades. And also they can be incorporated together to create unique designs or logos. By choosing printed ties, you are not restricted to traditional patterns. Also, you have all the freedom to come up with the most random designs possible!


With interesting designs and a less traditional look, custom made printed ties are recommended for not so formal events. These are casual parties, unconventional weddings, or a romantic date night.


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Choosing your ideal tie all depends on your preference. With the right designs, you can sport both in every situation. If you’re looking to spruce up your ties with texture and more colors, we’ve got everything you need! So contact us now for a free tie mockup and create your high quality custom ties!

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