3 Types of Bow Ties

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When looking for custom made ties that add more fun and personally to your outfit, it’s the perfect time to go for custom bow ties. Neckties may help you look taller and sharper, but bow ties have a particular charm to them. You can turn more heads than for someone wearing a traditional tie. Bow ties are now considerably trendy; they’re no longer just quirky accessories for the comedians and clowns. Wearing bow ties gives a different feel compared to standard neckties. And choosing which type to wear is an important part of sporting bow ties. Here are the three types of bow ties and the appropriate occasions to wear them:



Always go for self-tie bow ties as much as possible. When attending formal or semi-formal events, a self-tie, also called freestyle bow ties, is always the default choice. Coming from its name, these custom ties come untied upon buying, which means you are left with the task of tying them on your own. Tying a bow tie may serve as a challenge for most, especially at first, but this is also what makes self-tie custom bow ties the first choice for gentlemen. The natural shape you get from personally tying it brings out the stylistic element of the proper bow tie.



The pre-tied bow tie gives off a neat look due to the perfect bow tied ahead for you. This custom made tie is attached to an adjustable band, and all you have to do is wear it around your neck. However, pre-tied bow ties are not usually recommended. It’s easy to tell the difference if you’re wearing the self-tie or a pre-tied bow tie. The latter tends to look stiff and lacking in character. It’s still forgivable to wear this custom tie during semi-formal or casual occasions, although it should be because you really can’t get the hang of tying and adjusting your own custom bow ties.



This is another pre-tied bow tie which you can clip directly to your collar. But unless you’re a child or a 90-year-old clown who cannot put on a proper tie, never wear clip-on bow ties on any occasion, at any event, with any outfit.


Bow ties can also be custom made! If you’re up for the challenge of learning to tie your own custom bow ties, we’ve got high quality custom ties for you. Check out our gallery or send us your own design today. For other custom items, visit our partner stores: lapels.com.aucustomcufflinks.com.au, corporatekeyrings.com.aucustombeltbuckles.com.au, and embroideredpatches.com.au.